HOLISTIC Business Coaching

You’ve worked hard, you’re educated, you’ve practiced your skills, you’re making a difference in people’s lives but you just aren’t where you want to be - professionally or financially.

So let’s get there, together.

For the past 20+ years I’ve helped start-ups, entrepreneurs and executives plan and build businesses that aligned with their vision of what success looked like. From solo-entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, it’s been quite a ride.

Five years ago I went back to school to study Herbalism & Flower Essence Therapy to formalize my life-long passion of working along side Mother Nature to nourish, heal and support our health. After I graduated and began my practice, I quickly realized that the majority of wellness practitioners must also be entrepreneurs with the skills and know-how to build their business, create their website, and market themselves if they want to survive doing what they love.

But, unfortunately, many of the wonderful, talented people I met, and continue to meet, had little business training and even less web and technical skills.

So I decided to create WILLOW.

WILLOW empowers entrepreneurs with the strategy and tools to create a business that deeply resonates with their vision, purpose and path.

As a WILLOW Holistic Business Coaching client, you will:

  • Develop a business strategy that resonates with your vision and purpose.

  • Understand how your business aligns and serves your target clients.

  • Know how to effectively communicate your value and products and/or service offerings.

  • Develop strategies to earn enough income to support your lifestyle you desire.

  • Have a clear growth strategy and vision for the future.

during our collaboration, you can expect to:

  • Collaborate, brainstorm, strategize and think BIG to develop a crystal-clear vision of your business in 5 years. This vision will be used as the basis for all decisions and work that follows.

  • Identify target markets and niches for expansion.

  • Develop a brand message strategy for use on your website, social media, printed materials and presentations.

  • Develop tailored messaging for your target market to address their specific issues and demonstrate how your product/service offerings can help.

  • Identify key individuals and/or organizations to build relationships for shared growth.

  • Develop a strategy to build and leverage an email marketing database to grow customers and referrals.

  • Develop a robust referral strategy with complimentary individuals and businesses.

  • Identify alternate revenue sources to diversify revenue intake.

As your HOLISTIC business coach i will provide:  

  • Coaching calls and/or in-person meetings.

  • Objective and strategic advice to assist in making viable decisions.

  • Progress tracking with clear objectives, measurable goals, timelines and milestones.

  • Ongoing exercises and homework - with accountability!

  • Meeting agendas, notes and planning, homework materials and outlines, ongoing market research and strategic idea generation.

  • A shared work environment for real-time collaboration.

  • Ongoing email, phone and skype communication.

  • Collaboration and sharing in the celebration of success and milestone achievements.

If you’re ready to transform the vision of your wellness business into an actionable strategy that supports you emotionally and financially, then it’s time to work together.